VIDEO MIX is a small but powerful video editor very simple to use. As the name suggests it is designed to create a video mix from a mash up of clips or parts from multiple videos, but it also can be used to trim video files (to remove unwanted parts from a video) or to change some video parameters like the volume, tempo and pitch.

Supports Windows 11/10, Windows 8/7


VIDEO MIX: Main Features

  • Create beautiful video mix from your clips
  • Perfect mixing video thanks to fade and crossfade effects that can be automatically applied
  • Video Editing feature like CUT and TRIM video
  • Possibility to change pitch of the video (very useful for musical video files)
  • Edit Volume and Tempo of your video clip
  • Preview window
  • Supports various video format in input and output (AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, MKV, etc…)

VIDEO MIX: Download Link

Here is the link to download Video Mix, free trial version:

Free trial limitation: a watermark will appear on the output file. You need the full version to remove the watermark.

You can find all guides in the following page: https://videomixsoftware.com/category/guide/

Video MIX Screenshots