How to Cut Unwanted Part From Video

How to Cut Unwanted Part From Video

Thanks to Video Mix you not only will be able to combine video files and create professional “video-medley“, but you will be also able to remove and cut unwanted part from video (e.g. unwanted scenes, parts of silence, etc..).

Here are described the simple steps to follow to cut unwanted scenes from your video with Video Mix.

#1. Download and install Video Mix

Video Mix works on all Windows OS computer. From the above button you can download and install the free trial version of the software. The only limitation of this version is that a “watermark” will appear on the output video. You can remove this watermark purchasing the license key.

This is the main interface of Video Mix:

#2 Add your video clips

Click at the center of the screen to add and load your video in the program.

As you can see from the above figure, for each video clip added, you will see a “waveform” where you can easily set the start and end point to CUT the video. In this way you can select the desired part of the video and remove all the rest.

If you have different parts of a video to remove you can add the same video on the software multiple times and select the desired parts from each items. In the figure below you can see better this kind of opertation useful to extract from a video only the best parts and remove all unwanted parts.

#4 Select the output video format from OPTIONS menu

#5 Export the final video

Before save the video you can click on the “Preview” button and see the result. If it is OK you can click on “Export and Save Video” to create the output video. It will take some time to create the final video.