How to Change Volume of Video File

How to Change Volume of Video File

Did you capture a video with your smartphone but its audio volume is to low? Or did you download a movie/video but its audio is too loud or too quiet? Do you want to change volume of your video files (increasing or decreasing) in a fast and simple way?

VIDEO MIX is one of the simple to use app designed to change volume of video file in one click. It easily allows you to increase/decrease the audio level of the video to a professional sound.

How to Change Volume of Video File with Video Mix

We already described how to change video pitch with Video Mix. Now we want show you how simple is to adjust the volume with this software.

Step 1. Install and open Video Mix on your PC

Download the free demo version of Video Mix on your Windows PC. The free trial versionwill add a watermark on the output video. Click here to purchase the full version and remove the watermark.

This is the Video Mix main screen:

Step 2. Add the video with the volume to adjust

Click on “Add Video Files” button to add your video file. It supports the following video format in input: avi, mp4, mov, mkv, mpg, etc…

Once the video is added, you will see its thumbnail on the left and the audio waveform on the right. Below this waveform you can see various settings; fade in/out, crossfade, tempo, pitch and VOLUME.

Step 3. Change Volume of Video File

To change the volume of the video you just need to move the cursor (as you can see from the image below). Its value goes from “0” (mute) to “2” (double volume).

Before export the edited video you can see the preview clicking on the thumbnail on the left (it will open a new window for preview). The preview will take some minutes before open because the program will render the entire video file.

Step 4. Choose the output format

From the Options menu you can define the output directory, the output resolution, output format (mp4 is the default) and the framerate.

If you change some value you have to click on SAVE to apply.

Step 5. Export the video with the desired VOLUME

In the main window click on the bottom right button “Export and Save Video” to export the output video with the new “volume”. It will take some minutes to create the final video, so please be patient!